Brokering Real Estate: Good Marketing Strategies To Keep The Business Growing

Real Estate Strategies


Real estate is a very diverse industry and it has been rapidly growing. As with any business, legality is essential in order to avoid trouble with the government. A real estate agent needs a real estate license and a broker will need a broker license. A real estate broker will usually be held at a higher standard of knowledge than a real estate agent. It is important to ensure that you are employing good marketing strategies in order to continue doing business.

Educate Your Agents & Yourself

It is important to ensure that every single agent within your business knows and understands the basics of a real estate business. Being knowledgeable is a step closer to providing great service to customers. You and your agents should be knowledgeable about the market/are in which you are operating. Every community is different and comes with a history. Customers will want information and facts about the place they are considering buying/renting and it is your job to provide that information. In the changing world of today, technology has become a big part of real estate and tech adoption among real estate professionals is higher than ever. Therefore agents and brokers also need to be well educated on the technology that they are using. Brokers should ensure that they provide their agents with essential and effective technology support. The education of yourself and your agents should be seen as an ongoing ever-developing process as there is always something new to learn. Emphasize the importance of a real estate license in your education of your agents.

Use the Right Tool

When it comes to the use of different marketing tools for the business it is definitely not beneficial to try and use every single tool there is out there or the cheapest and easiest one. Your broker license real estate can give you access to many tools and resources. A digital component is essential because the world has revolved and people have become much more intrigued with the world of technology. The tool or channel through which you market your brokerage is dependent on your brand and how well the specific tool will suit your business and customer base. Consider your position in the market and why your customers choose you as opposed to your competitors and this will help to determine tools that will best communicate the value of your business. Tools such as video may not be for everyone. Here are some advice for First Time Homebuyers.

Email Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns cost a fraction of traditional marketing campaigns such as postcards or newsletters. It is a good way to gather new clients for your business by reaching out to your database of interested homebuyers via email. Email marketing not only grows your marketing database but also keeps potential homebuyers in the loop when you have real estate news to share. All real estate agents need to have their real estate license.

One of the most efficient ways to market your real estate business is social media. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are used daily by several persons across the world. It is one of the simplest ways to reach a large audience. Another benefit of social media is the ease of communication. While you continue to run your business you should always ensure that your broker license real estate is current and valid. More are in this site: http://www.realestatelicense.com/.

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What Kind of Questions Should I Ask Before Buying a Home?


Buying a home is still the life plan of many persons today. One of the most important steps in buying a home is to know what questions to ask. It is important that all the relevant information on a home is obtained so as to not have any future regrets about the purchase. Home ownership is a very long-term and substantial commitment and should not be taken lightly as it requires good timing and good financial standings.

The Most Important Question to Ask?

The most important question that a buyer can ask about a home that they are considering purchasing is “Is there a problem with the house?” Many sellers will not readily reveal any problems with the home as their objective is to get the house off their hands. A home inspection is a good way to find any problems in a home. There are some states which require sellers to complete a disclosure form which reveals any problems within a home up for sale.

The Financial Questions

There are important questions that prospective home owners need to ask themselves as well as the real estate company before considering purchasing a home.

  • What is the offering price on the home? Persons can always do comparisons on similar homes in the neighborhood.
  • What are the monthly utility costs? Utilities are mandatory whether you own or rent a home. It can be helpful to ask for past bills in order to get an average cost and also find out what the peak months are.
  • What is the property worth on the market? Even though an agent cannot tell a buyer how much to offer (for ethical reasons), however they can provide you with valuable information on similar houses in the neighborhood that have been sold recently. An agent can also provide information on the length of time that similar homes are staying on the market as well as the percentage of the asking price that the sellers are receiving.
  • How flexible is the asking price of the seller? It is always worth a try to ask about price negotiations.

General Questions about the Home?

There are general questions that you should ask about a home before deciding to purchase it.

  • Where is the home located? Location is one of the important factors in buying a home – the general status of the neighborhood is important as well as its proximity to schools.
  • Is the home in a flood plain? Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) posts free maps online which actually shows if a home is located in a flood plain. He possibility of a home being located in a flood plain will affect cost of living as the home will require flood insurance.
  • Your life five years from now? The family size that you are planning for also affects the home that you decide to purchase.

In the real estate industry there are many agents and finding a good agent can also help you ask just the right questions when buying a home. It is important to also ask yourself what price range you can reasonably afford in purchasing a home.

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Is It Too Hard to Get a Mortgage?

Sans titre-1

Most people who enter the real estate market need to get a mortgage loan to cover the cost of their new home, a process that has certainly become more difficult and complicated since the subprime mortgage crisis of the late 2000s. As a result of the economic upheaval caused by the crisis, the rules governing mortgage lending were significantly tightened. In 2010, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) instituted the Qualified Mortgage and Ability to Repay Rules, which are intended to make the application process more through with the aim of restricting loans to those borrowers who can demonstrably afford to pay them back.

The Mortgage Process Post-2010

Since the subprime mortgage crisis, the process of getting a real estate mortgage loan has become a lot more stringent, with borrowers having to show very detailed financial records in order to qualify for a loan, including tax statements, employment history, and income and expenditure records. The aim is to prove that a borrower can handle the financial responsibility of paying back a mortgage loan by meeting the criteria of the Qualified Mortgage (QM) and Ability to Repay (ATR) rules. The Qualified Mortgage rule in particular necessitates that a borrower’s debt to income ratio cannot climb above 43%, meaning that borrowers who are already heavily in debt might not find it that easy to secure a mortgage loan.

The Implications of QM and ATR for Borrowers

The QM and ATR rules require lenders to thoroughly investigate a loan applicant’s current financial status, employment history, and credit records. A borrower needs to prove their source of income as well as their ability to repay a loan with written records. Unfortunately, for many loan applicants this becomes a stumbling block, especially for borrowers who are employed in the service industry and make a significant amount of their income from tips. The same holds true for independent contractors and those who are self-employed, primarily because applicants who are not employed by a third party cannot provide the lender with a reasonable guarantee of continuing income. As a result, a lot of people who are interested in a real estate purchase do not choose to move forward, firm in the conviction that their mortgage application will be rejected.

Getting a Mortgage is Still Possible

The fact that the rules governing the mortgage application process are now stricter does not mean that it is impossible for applicants with a somewhat dented credit history to get a mortgage loan. Granted, the best mortgage loan rates go to those applicants with a high credit rating and a solid, verifiable employment history. However, borrowers with a lower credit rating or those who cannot show detailed income records because they subsist on tips or are self-employed can still qualify for real estate loans. The only issue is that these loans might be for smaller amounts and will probably come with higher interest rates.

As long as a borrower discloses all of their financial history and meets the requirements laid down by the CFPB, there is no reason why they will not be approved for a mortgage loan. The key is to apply for a mortgage amount you can actually afford to repay rather than attempting to secure a large loan for a high end luxury home that is out of your reach.

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Get the Right Appraisal for Your Luxury Home


If you wish to sell your Arizona luxury home you of course want to get the very best and the right appraisal for you!  Today, there are a great need for luxury homes and if you have been looking to sell yours, it might be the best time to do so now.  High end real estate is very much in need and that does mean you need to get the right appraiser for your home in order to get the best value for it.

Why it’s Important to Get the Right Appraisal for Your Home in Arizona

Firstly, when you want to sell your home, you are looking to sell it for a certain price.  Say you believed your home was worth $1.5 million but your appraiser came in and said he believed it was only worth $1 million then you are losing out on a lot of money which you don’t want.  So, that is why you absolutely need to get the right appraisal for your beautiful real estate Arizona.

Though, it can be very difficult at times to get a home which is considered to be a luxury home appraised when it is worth over the one million dollar mark.  However, it is not impossible which is important to remember.  This means that you have to take some time in order to find an appraiser who is able and willing to give the true value of your Arizona home.

Do You Own a High End Property in a Good High Value Area?

The chances are, if you live in a street or neighborhood that is full with high class, high end and very sought after properties, your home may be able to get the best appraisal possible.  This is a good way to get your home appraised at the right price but if you have purchased an expensive home and you wish to sell but the area has declined somewhat, then you might struggle to get the right price.

However, if the area is still in an excellent place when you purchased it, there is every chance you could reach the fullest potential.  So, you do need to search for a very good and reliable appraiser with a broker license real estate, to get the most value from your building.

Wait To Sell

Just in case your building doesn’t meet up to the value you believed you would get, you could simply wait to sell.  If you aren’t in a hurry to sell and want more from your home, you could wait until the market picks up more.  This is what many people in fact do when their appraisals haven’t matched up with their expectations.  Of course, if you don’t like one appraisal, try another appraiser who says the value is worth what you expect.

Choose Carefully

However, you do need to choose the right appraiser.  This means you can’t just choose any, you have to choose one that is going to be right for you and your home.  You don’t want to waste money on getting in an appraiser only to find they don’t match the value of your home to what you want it to be.

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Advice for First Time Homebuyers


There are a few things you should consider as a first time home buyer that you may never have thought about. Since you are getting into a whole new whole, you will most likely trip a few times trying to find your footing. This article is designed to help first time home buyers-and home buyers in general-to have a smooth walk through the house hunting and home buying process. Real estate is a topic that could never get its full credit in one article, but hopefully this will be enough so that first time home buyers can take a sure-footed first step.

Real Estate Agents for First Time Home buyers

You first need to understand a few principles. One, your real estate agent and the seller’s agent will get paid a percentage based on the sale price of a home. It has been said before that the true real estate agent represents the seller because they have the same goals. Of course, a buyer’s agent won’t get paid if they can’t close a deal, but they don’t have the same incentive to ensure that you get a cheaper price. I am not saying this to make you suspicious of your real estate agent’s motives, but if you are looking for a fixer upper, or have a very limited budget, you need to be upfront with your real estate agent about your intentions. This way, you are both thinking similarly during your home buying experience.

Keeping Track of Homes for Sale

Before you get a real estate agent, it is a wise idea to do some research and watch the market for a month or so. This is a good time to acquaint yourself with the types of homes for sale in a specific area, their asking price, the general price-per-square-foot, among other things. This self-education will make you a smarter, more-informed client, which will not only impress your real estate agent with your market savvy, but it will also likely speed up your home buying process.

Here are some ideas to follow when you first begin house hunting:

-Start your research on the internet. Do some searches to find out which websites serve as a real estate database for your area.
-The day you begin your first search, write down the addresses of the homes you see, and the dates you saw them. Your real estate agent will know through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) exactly when each home came on the market, but this will give you a good idea before you ever find representation. Plus, it will keep you from needing you real estate agent for every little question.

– Find a website that houses the records of home sales. This will likely be tricky. Denver’s, for example, is very easy to use, and was easy to find. This database will allow you to know when a home was closed and for what dollar amount. This will help to discover your seller’s intent-maybe it’s a fix-n-flip-and if the price has gone way up since they bought it, there should be adequate reasons for the rise in price.

-Divide the price by the square footage of each home. This is just a guide to the average price-per-square-foot for homes in a specific area. This will be another way to do a personal assessment of a home’s value.

These ideas are not everything, but they are a good start. This is mainly a way to introduce yourself to the numbers of home buying. Having all possible information will help you to make the best, most-informed decision.

House Hunting for Potential Homebuyers

If you are a first time homebuyer, then most likely you have no idea about the style of homes in particular areas, how much they cost, what they are close to, how big they are, etc. You need to spend a good deal of time house hunting in all the areas in which you want to buy. Maybe even house hunt in areas where you know you don’t want to live. This is information. Real estate is an information game. The more you have, the better you can play the game.

Take in as much home buying information as you can. Are the yards bigger in a particular area? Can you walk to certain things in one neighborhood? Are the streets cleaner? Are the trees bigger? Are there more homes for sale? Does it feel like a real neighborhood?


House hunting is at first a science, then it becomes an art of hustling. Do some house hunting at night. House hunt during the day. Hunt for houses on the weekend and during the week. Find out what those areas are really like, because when you get right down to it, buying a home is just as much about where it is in the world, as how many square feet and how many bedrooms it has.http://www.frontdoor.com/first-time-homebuyers

First Time Home Buyers

Start looking before you contact a real estate agent. House hunt all over the place. Find out the average prices for certain areas. Find a real estate agent that you can trust who knows your exact intentions as a first time home buyer. And always remember to keep excellent records as you go, and your first time home buying experience will be a good as possible.

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Denver real estate

real estate

Denver real estate is one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. The average price of a Denver home, as of the 2000 Census data, is $215,000. This would shock most people just moving here from the Midwest or the southern states. While the current price of Denver real estate will not give sticker shock to anyone in New York City, San Francisco or San Diego, the price per square foot of Denver houses does come as quite a surprise to many.

Real Estate Prices in Denver

If you look at the average price of homes in major cities, you will notice one thing in particular: the highest priced markets are on the coast. This includes LA, Seattle, NYC, Houston, Miami, and many other cities in Florida and California. There are a few real estate markets that have been coming alive far from the oceans, which includes not only Denver real estate but also Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte. Of course we all know about Phoenix real estate, which has all but subsumed Tempe in the last decade.

The prices in Denver are high in relativity to their age. Many of the homes within a mile of downtown Denver are old, some over a hundred years old. 70 miles north of Denver in Fort Collins, the majority of the homes are less than 20 years old, and Fort Collins is one of the hottest markets, of any size, in the nation. Comparatively, this makes Denver real estate a geographical and market oddity. So the price only sounds strange if you haven’t spent much time in Denver recently.

Metro Denver Real Estate

Denver real estate has surprised many, but if you stop and think about possible reasons for the spark in interest for Denver real estate, it makes a lot of sense. First, if you are interested in professional sports, and you are anywhere in Denver, you are within 2 miles from watching live games in professional hockey, basketball, football, baseball, and soccer. If that’s not your thing, Denver is the hub in the nation for outdoor sports. If you have real estate in metro Denver, then you are within 20 miles of every kind of outdoor activity that you could ever want: hiking, backpacking, camping, kayaking, rafting, rock climbing, trail running, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and anything else you can dream up. Having real estate in Denver allows you to basically live in a mountain cabin year round. However, for true city living, I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. for more information and updates, go straight from the source.

Downtown Denver real estate has really changed in the last 15 years. The whole lower downtown area (called Lodo) that was mainly brick warehouses and not much else, has been refurbished around the 16th Street Mall area with shops, bars, restaurants, art galleries, theaters, coffee houses, and lofts. And it is not just a few blocks or one street; it is more than a square mile of anything you want. Plenty of parking, plenty of street side and outdoor dining. You name it, downtown Denver now has it. And Denver has had it now for over a decade. As a result, downtown Denver real estate is now high rise apartments and modern lofts.

real estate

High Quality Real Estate in Denver

Denver real estate, in any area of the city, has quick access to anything but the ocean. And with Southwest Airlines now flying in and out of Denver International Airport, you can even be in Las Vegas cheaply in a couple of hours. If you choose to secure some Denver real estate of your own, you will get much more than just a home or a neighborhood. Denver real estate will give you unlimited access to entertainment and activity of all colors at all hours of the day. Having a home in Denver is a popular thing simply because it is a good thing.the are lots of information can be found at http://www.denverrealestate.com/.

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First Time Buyer Information

buying a home

House or Home?

When you decide to sell your property, ask yourself what the purchaser is buying. Is he/she buying a house. or your home? Your attitude towards the sale of your property can be a distinct advantage. You may put your HOME on the market. but try to think of it the way a purchaser does – as a HOUSE. This should keep you in an objective frame of mind, allowing you to deal with the marketing and sales procedure more effectively.

Professional Assistance

In most cases, a home seller needs the professional assistance of a real estate licensee who has the built-in objectivity required and – most important – intimate knowledge of the current market, experience in financing and negotiating, the ability to qualify potential buyers, and a network of Real Estate Board colleagues to provide wide ranging assistance.

Attempting to sell your home yourself could put you in line for disappointments. If an offered price offends you, or you become upset by any term of the offer, it’s possible you could disregard reality and lose potential sales.more detailed information in this blog post link.

A buyer won’t put a value on your memories, sentiment or any labour of love you have lavished on your property. He/she may not even plan to use the property in the same way you have used it.

A real estate professional retains a practical approach throughout the sales period and helps ou through difficult decisions that could arise.

Professionals Can:

Professionals can take the mystery out of the market in a graphic manner by presenting you with facts, figures and computer printouts that provide the statistics you’ll need for realistic pricing and marketing.

Professionals can put your property listing on the Multiple Listing Service® so some 12,000 plus colleagues in two Real Estate Boards on the Lowe Mainland can access information on your home.

Professionals can ensure the personal safety of you and your family because all potential purchasers have been PRE-qualified and PRE-screened as legitimate home buyers. Home owners trying to sell by themselves cannot afford to refuse any potential buyer access to their property, and could be running the risk of later becoming the victim of “buyers” who were only looking with criminal intent.

Professionals can give you time to do the things you want because they are looking after your interests, making appointments, setting up viewing hours and supervising them as well as making such arrangements to suit YOUR convenience.

Professionals can provide information on financing, real estate law, and any assistance programmes that could help complete a sale on your property.

Professionals can suggest minor improvements, clean-up, spruce-up measures and other ways you can make lasting favorable impressions on potential buyers.

Reviewing an Offer

During the listing period your home will be inspected by potential buyers looking for the kind of accommodation your property affords.

Eventually you will be presented with an offer to purchase, commonly known as the Contract of Purchase and Sale.

The time you invest in reviewing this offer can make the difference between a satisfactory sale or possible delays and frustrations.

First and foremost, make sure you are accessible to your sales representative and that you make yourself available when he/she has an offer to present. You should arrange for no interruptions or distractions when reviewing an offer – it’s the first step in a contract that could complete the sale of your property.http://www.theguardian.com/money/firsttimebuyers

Check the obvious points: is the property correctly described; is the mortgage information accurate; can you move by the requested possession date; are the purchase price and terms satisfactory?

Double check your calculations to be sure you know how much cash you will receive. Understand what you are being asked by the purchasers and be sure you can accede to their requests, dates and provisions. When in doubt. don’t sign until all questions are answered satisfactorily.

buying a home

The Offer to-Purchase is binding on the purchaser for the amount of time stated. You can accept it, let it expire or consider changes. If you want to counter the monetary offer or any other provisions in the original offer you are, in fact, making an “Offer to Sell” to the purchaser under condition your changes are accepted.

Remember that completion of the sale will include all that is contained in the offer after both the potential purchaser and you, the vendor, have signed it . Give proper time and attention to the review of an offer to make sure it clearly states all points of agreement between you both. If can save both parties to the transaction time and possible problems later.

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How Color Psychology Can Sell Your Home Faster

selling your house

Many people do not know, however colors do influence how people see your house. Depending on the colors of your property people will feel more inclined to buy it. There is no magic about it all, do not worry! It is a whole matter of color psychology. Real estate agents might not be able to help you with this one, but we can! Keep on reading and find out more about the best colors to use while building!

Love at first color! – Finding the perfect house might be hard, and just like a relationship, there are many cases of “love at first sight”. Some people look at a house and simply want it. Of course during this process several things matter and color is one of them, even if unconsciously. People tend to feel calmer or even warmer depending of the color that they see. It is not a matter of color only! It also depends the style of neighborhood and area that you are going.for more information read their latest comments.

Some colors can be used in beach areas – such as coral and turquoise. These two colors would not work very well in downtown New York.

Painting your exterior with sober colors – sober colors are the best for every occasion. If you would like to cause a good impression then choosing simple colors such as white, beige and tan is the right thing to be done. There colors are neutral and always cause a good impression wherever your property is located.

Avoid using bright colors inside the house – although some people love to do some walls bright red or even orange, some people simply can not stand them. It is not only a matter of taste, it is a matter of psychology. Bright colors such as red and orange can cause a feeling of rush, that can send people away. This can increase if the person is not keen on the bright color into question.

Prefer pastel tonalities – Pastel tonalities are much better for the interior of any property, whether it is a business building or a home. Pastel tonalities are much more pleasant to the eyes. These tonalities are nice because you can use colors such as orange, blue, green , pink and others in a light way. These colors are specially nice when used in rooms and also common areas such as kitchen, living room and so on.

selling your house

Gray and earthy tones are also perfect! – These tonalities are perfect for painting the insides and the outside of your property. These colors are perfect for everyone, after all if your property is done in a neutral color the next buyer will not have to spend money with painting all over again, therefore it is a big plus. Apart from such advantages these colors are simply beautiful!

These were only a few tips that can help you sell your house much faster. Real estate agents, as well as designers recommend such colors and techniques! Are you ready to sell your house fast? Good luck!

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Home Improvements That Skyrocket Home Values


There are some home improvements that are quite worth your time and money. They are worth it because you will be able to get extra money when selling time comes around. You will be able to live better and will also be able to earn extra! Whether you live in a luxury home or even in a building there are certain improvements that will help you get extra cash! Take a look at the following easy renewals that will help you make the best out of your property!

Finish your basement – A new basement may help you get extra $50.000 right away. This happens because real estate agents and buyers find a basement something quite useful. Some families rent the basement or even use it as an extra room, so if you have a brand new one to offer it will be a great plus.read full blog post for more information.

Make study rooms or even extra space into an extra room – people love to have spare rooms. Rooms are perfect for children, visitors or even a maid. If your property has enough space to accommodate an extra room make sure you have one. You will be able to get as much as extra $70.000 dollars just because you have added an extra room to your property. You will not spend too much money building one, and the cash you get in return will certainly pay it all off.

Invest in the exterior of your house – Presenting a house that has beautiful painting and that is well taken care of, certainly makes buyers much more interested. It is just like handling someone a well wrapped gift with a ribbon – it makes the gift much more beautiful. You will certainly be able to earn a couple hundred dollars extra thanks to simple painting.

Landscaping – We all know how real estate agencies love to show prospect buyers beautiful pictures of the garden and front yard of a house. Investing a couple hundreds in landscaping can increase your chances of selling your house much faster.

Roof improvements – some properties need some improvements on the roof. In case you are experiencing some leaking, make sure you fix it. Now if your ceiling and roofing is working fine, just cleaning it a bit will do the trick! The cleaner it looks, the easier it will be to sell. Real estate companies and agents love to advertise such improvement! You will not spend much money fixing or even changing the whole roofing!


Of course there are several other improvements that you can do in your property! Although there are several different options, the above mentioned ones are the least expensive ones. You will certainly be able to earn up to $100.000 extra dollars because of them. If you invest in your property before actually selling it, you will be able to enjoy it all! If you plan on selling the house soon you can easily plan for such improvements. In fact there are some families that do most of the work on their own, saving extra money.go to http://housesellingblues.com/home-improvements-that-skyrocket-home-values/ for more information and updates.

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Ten Home Improvements NOT to Make When Selling House

realtors house

When you decide to change how your home looks you often believe that such changes will add to its value once you decide to sell the property. Although some people believe home improvements always enhance chances of selling for a better price, it might not happen sometimes. Real estate buyers are more exigent each passing day, which means some home improvements done in a building or even in a luxury home might not add any value to the selling price. Take a look at some items that will only have you waste money.

Building a pool – although a pool must seem like an appealing idea, it is often a big problem. First of all building a pool costs a lot – from $10.000 to $50.000 depending on the size and appliances used. Apart from buildings costs home owners should keep in mind that maintaining a pool is also very expensive, often $3000 a year. When selling a property with a pool some future owners end up simply getting rid of them.

Roofing replacement – Although some owners believe changing the roof will add a lot to the home, it does not. Having a high quality roofing installed is not something that adds up to the value of the home, since it is something that future house owners expect a property to have. Whether you have a building or luxury home, changing the roofing will not make such a big difference.

Building an extra bathroom – Although this is a nice thing to have if you have a big family, it will not be very good for your wallet once selling time comes around. People usually spend $40.000 dollars when building a brand new bathroom. When selling time comes this brand new bathroom will only add around $20.000 dollars to the final price of the property.

Sunrooms – Of course having a beautiful sunroom home might seem like an appealing idea every summer, however think twice before you actually build one. A single small sunroom could easily cost you $75.000! When selling time comes the value of such sunroom will drop in 50%. for more information, visit the original source.

Outdoor kitchen – Although some families simply die to have a brand new outdoor kitchen to have delicious meals at, actually building it will cost you much more than having such meals at the mall. This is especially true if you live in areas where the winter is intense. Think about the fact that you will not be able to use your outside kitchen half of the year.

realtors house

Adding a walk in closet – Many people believe this is essential for organization, however it is not. This will only drain your wallet and in the end it will barely be paid. It is much better not to make such decision, after all a walk in closet will cost you a lot of money and time. Most home buyers truly do not believe such item matters much.http://www.realestatelicense.com/

These were only a few of the items that are true cash wasters! Make sure you avoid making such mistakes and happy selling!

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